How We learn

Exploring in the Park
6th August 2020
Remembrance Day
11th November 2020

Every term we hold a special Parents Evening, without the children, so they can learn all about how we teach children at Swinbrook House Nursery. We encourage all our parents to come, new and current. Later this term, with current restrictions in place, it will probably be a virtual event.

On this evening, our classrooms are set up entirely as they would be for the children to have their lessons, something parents are not usually able to see at drop off or pick up.  During the event, parents are able to walk around the nursery and chat to their key person about all their educational questions and thoughts. Miss Tasha gives a talk to parents helping to demystify the EYFS curriculum, giving a better understanding what we do, breaking down the terminology, and explaining how parents can help to support their children in their learning.

Our next event will be on 12th November and we look forward to it.