hours and fees

We offer a minimum attendance of five half days or two full days. All our pre-school children are expected to increase their attendance over their final year ensuring they attend a minimum of 3-5 full days in their final term to ensure school readiness. All sessions are subject to availability.

sessionfee per session
Nursery School Day9.00 – 16.00£100.00
Nursery School Day + Breakfast8.00 – 16.00£105.00
Nursery School Day + Breakfast +Tea8.00 – 17.00£110.00
Morning Session + Breakfast8.00 – 13:00£70.00
Morning Session only9.00 – 13.00£65.00
Afternoon Session only13.00 – 16.00£55.00
Afternoon Session + Tea13.00 – 17.00£60.00

other fees

There is a non-refundable Registration fee of £100 and a refundable deposit fee of £900 which is returned upon payment of  final invoice.

The Nursery does offer MFE (Minimum funding Entitlement) which can be taken in the term after your child turns three.  We offer 15 hours per week which is limited to 3 hours per day between the hours of 1pm and 4pm (limited places) and 38 weeks a year, the remaining weeks being charged at full session prices.  The funding will be returned when final invoice is cleared.