Exploring in the Park

20th July 2020
How We learn
18th September 2020

We are very lucky to be so close to Regent’s Park and love to take the children there every day.  Recently, on a beautiful summer’s morning, we used the outing to explore the world around us, focusing on what we could find.  The children searched about in the natural environment, collecting sticks, leaves, daisies, long grass, feathers, etc and working together, used them to arrange ‘in the moment’ pictures.  We also talked about all the things they had collected and played counting games.

Under a blue sky with white fluffy clouds, the children laid down on their backs, looking up into the air in a mindfulness exercise, listening to the setting around them and thinking about all the different sounds they could hear and things they could see, such as birds, insects and aeroplanes.

On the walk back the children carried their little collections to use for crafts at the nursery.